Clean Air Matters

August 17, 2017

In a clinical environment such as a dental office, cleanliness is everything. For the safety of our patients and staff, it is our critical responsibility to maintain a germ-free environment. There is a strict regimen of instrument sterilization and a thorough wipe-down to every vulnerable surface between each appointment to prevent cross-contamination.

At Sante-Highbury Dental, for the further protection of our patients and staff, we have made a significant investment to purify one aspect of the dental environment that is often overlooked: the indoor air.

Our office uses three Surgically Clean 6 stage air purifiers to capture and remove the numerous airborne particulates, allergens, viruses, pathogens, gases, vapours, bio-aerosols, odours and toxins encountered in our indoor air. Many of these are found in any indoor environments including your own home. But some are exclusive, typically, to medical or dental offices. These can include restorative composites, nitrous oxide, disinfectants and other volatile organic compounds. And that’s why we’ve taken this important measure to eliminate these dangerous substances – as much as is technologically possible – from the environment occupied by our staff and patients.

Surgically Clean air purifiers are considered industry leaders and used by many hospitals, medical labs, long term care homes, professional sports teams, universities, industries and other locations where the purest air is required for the protection of all.

To find out more about this subject, visit Surgically Clean Air, or ask a member of our staff to demonstrate the system in place at our office.